Meet your community. Find your old self again.LAB Oct 2017

Life with a baby brings on a host of complex emotions and life changes. It’s normal for moms to feel they’ve lost themselves along the way amid the exhaustion, stress and unrelenting monotony of caring for the baby. Life After Birth is a group series providing postpartum support, resources and connection to mothers, with new groups forming constantly. We focus on a new topic of discussion each week, including self-care, stress/anxiety management, career/identity, improving communication with your partner, and more. Life After Birth CT in Westport is a place to listen, talk and relate to the experiences, struggles, joys and pressures we all experience in motherhood.

Life After Birth CT is more than a support group. It’s enriching and educational program as well, with new topics introduced weekly. Our classes fill quickly with moms in varying stages of early motherhood. No matter how old your baby or how many children you have, Life After Birth postpartum support groups are an enjoyable path to lasting friendships and connection. Contact us to learn more, and start returning to yourself – mentally and emotionally.