“Our mission is to empower postpartum women to return to their former selves with greater ease and joy – the parts of themselves they feel they’ve had to forego since becoming mothers.”

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We all know that life with a baby brings on a host of complex struggles and emotions. These are said to be the result of hormonal adjustments, physical changes, and the stress of a new lifestyle. (Is there any part of your life that hasn’t changed since giving birth?) No matter how much you know you’re loved by others, it’s normal to feel no one understands the exhaustion, stress and unrelenting monotony of your lifestyle.

The good news is that research shows attending a minimum of 4-6 sessions of a professionally-moderated support program lessens both the duration and intensity of postpartum anxiety, blues and depression. At Life After Birth, women's postpartum lives are changing - anxiety is easing, joy is resurfacing and marriages are strengthening - through the power of authentic friendship and connection.