My experience with the Life after Birth class was transformative. Having a communal support system of like-minded, honest and funny women has been the biggest gift of self care I could give myself as a mother. Cynthia has given us a tremendous space to come together, to share deeply and be heard, to explore ourselves not only as mothers but as women juggling the enormous responsibility of motherhood. I’ve grown so much as an advocate for my needs, I feel energized in my search for a new vocation after baby, and I feel truly seen and loved by this fantastic community of other Mamas.”

— Mom of two, Westchester

You are so empathetic to us, online and in the group. It’s so important. Cynthia, you are so helpful in providing information, resources, and great truth. You hold our conversations together with your fantastic ability to bring us to the essential nuggets of what’s at the heart of the matter.” 

— Mom of one, Stamford

"You both do an incredible job of ensuring each woman shares and is heard. I especially love that you can be vulnerable yourselves, and share with us your own experiences.” 

– Mother of one, Norwalk CT

"Cynthia, I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for these sessions. Just when I start to feel that pit in my chest when I’m about to have another long, hard day at home, I reflect on the advice and things that were said in these sessions."

Mom of 7-month-old, Darien CT

Before I signed up for Life After Birth, I was stuck in a sea of emotions and debilitating exhaustion, on top of healing from the physical soreness. I didn’t know if I would be judged in the group for bottle feeding breast milk (if by that time Colette wasn’t breastfeeding). I didn’t know if other moms felt what I was feeling (loneliness, resentment towards my spouse, anxiety, postpartum depression). Wow, was I wrong – not only did the group know exactly how I was feeling because they all were going through the same things in one form or another, but I had an outlet to plug myself into to start my journey to finding myself again while simultaneously discovering my new self, the mother in me that I had never known. I am incredibly thankful for you both, and the moms I met for helping pull me out of the darkness and not just depart from it, but understand it and know it is ok to have those at times!

My advice to moms contemplating joining would be, when you think you are alone or you believe you joining the group would be a waste of time and energy you don’t have, think again. Every other mom out there is going through some or all of what you are going through and the only way to find that out is to start talking in a safe space like Life After Birth about it, and that’s when the transformation can begin.


— Melanie Williams, Mom of one, Norwalk CT

“I highly recommend this amazing experience for ALL moms. This goes way beyond that of a postpartum support group.” 

— Mom of 5-month-old, Greenwich

“Thank you for offering the Life After Birth class series for new moms. As a “new” mother of my third child, I was reluctant at first about signing up for the course because I didn’t know if I would really benefit. I am now so glad that I did. Our weekly meetings immediately became a sacred space for moms from all walks of life to share, learn and support each other in our common postpartum journey. I felt honored to be a part of this wonderful group of women and cannot thank you enough for creating such welcoming, safe and intimate setting that allowed us all to bond through sharing our struggles, challenges and successes that motherhood brings.”

– Mom of three, Westport

“I actually started to FEEL different right after starting these postpartum classes. I valued the opportunity to really see and feel like I am not alone in my struggles as a new mom. It is refreshing and grounding to experience other women sharing their struggles that are so similar to mine. One can get really disillusioned seeing only the “good days” of parenting on Instagram, etc. I valued the chance to have a very *real* connections, on good days and bad.”

– Mom of one, Ridgefield CT

“These classes feel like a warm blanket on a cold day. Before this all started, I thought I was losing my marriage and my closest friends. I can’t tell you what a blessing this has been. You did something truly amazing here."

— Mom of One, Stamford

Our online community is keeping me sane. When I can share that I’m having a hard day, or when I’m stressed or crying all day from a sleepless night, I feel like I can put that stress somewhere rather than hold it in. I refresh every few minutes to keep seeing all the responses from my classmates. It kept me sane."

— Mom of one, Fairfield County

"I really valued the experience of being in the same room with others who are going through the same experience as me. But the biggest surprise was that this was more than a postpartum group, because it was more instructive than I thought. I learned more than I expected to, and made closer friends than I'd expected...and these things were very encouraging and beneficial.”

– Mom of two, Norwalk